Thursday, August 7, 2008

Gibby was a BAD DOG today!

This is Gibby in his jail cell.

I was feeding the cats today when all of a sudden, Gibby was there, chasing the cats. I yelled and he took a dive down the driveway to dance around the car. He wasn't playing with the cats, he was seriously chasing them. I had hoped he was just running at the cats to scatter them, to play with them, but he was too intent. Maybe that's why Blackie is missing.

Gibby heard me yell at him and came to me, so we then dragged each other over to the dog pen. He was very clever with his escape - instead of pushing on the gate and being blocked by the bundle of shingles, he pulled the gate inward. When I visited at lunchtime, I apparently didn't make the gate secure. I told Gibby he was a bad boy and then shunned him (I didn't sit with him at all), but I was really pleased that he 1) didn't break out until I was there, and 2) he did come to me when he was called.


Carol said...

Gibby is not a "BAD" dog. He is bored to death. Dogs are pack animals and are not meant to be left alone all the time. He is a healthy wonderful dog full of energy to burn. You may feel you are doing your part sitting with him for a few minutes each day but your not. He should have a good run at least 2-3 times a day and he should be played with. You are going to break his spirit keeping him penned up like a criminal. My opinion only. Carol

Rughooker said...

You may be right, Carol. The best I can say is that Gibby is alive. He may be bored, but I think bored and alive is better than "euthanized" because no one wanted him.