Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gibby and the Girls

Gibby is still supposed to be taking it easy as he recuperates from his surgery, but I am hopeful he can at least have some friendly time with the other dogs. He is still too threatening with George, so George has no interest in him at all, but I think Patches might like to play with him. I put Blue and Patches on their leash next to the pen again and Blue wanted to chew on Gibby again - but Patches looked like she would like to play. However, by the time I took a picture, the girls seem to have lost interest. Gibby, also, seemed to have lost interest in getting out of the pen - when I gave him a chance, he turned me down! It could be that Blue exerted her alpha status in some kind of subtle doggy threat way and told him to stay put, and stay put he did.

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