Monday, August 25, 2008

Gibby Couldn't Chase Cats Today

Had a fairly successful solution to Gibby's cat chasing problem today. Instead of letting him run completely free in the whole barnyard, I put him on a cable fastened to the pen fence. He could go as far as the part of the yard where I fastened Blue and Patches. Once again, George avoided Gibby and Blue attacked him. Patches went into her worst behavior, barking and pulling as hard as possible on her line. Her barking is dreadful - non-stop and high pitched. Very hard to do anything with Gibby with that barking going on. I'm considering getting out the electric shock collar that I've had unused in a case for years now - it was supposed to be for training dogs for working with horses.
The cable was a little dangerous, Gibby moves so fast he almost tripped me a couple times, but it was a lot better than seeing the cats terrified. Gibby seemed quite happy, even settled down and rolled on the grass for a while. I'm still thinking he might be a better dog for Mike to have, but Mother said tonight that she's getting really fond of him. Maybe all the trouble is worth being able to see the happy look on her face when she looks at him.
While everything was calm, I took some photos of the horses who were coming outside during the daylight for the first time since the weather turned so hot. I think they'll be pretty startled when they meet Gibby for the first time.

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