Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gibby the Guard

A man came to the farm last week to estimate replacing the farmhouse roof. Gibby was in the dog pen, wagging his tail every time I looked at him. The roofer climbed up and down the roof, walked around one side and the front of the house a couple times, but only came near the dog pen once - and Gibby gave him a very threatening and serious sounding bark. So, it looks like Gibby is going to be just right - about everything except the cats. I can't really let him out of the pen to run around the farmyard because of his behavior with the cats. I'm thinking about setting up an electric fence area that would limit Gibby to the yard around the back of the house - the cats seem to have abandoned that yard since Gibby arrived and I moved the black kittens. I'll have to wait until the Oliver tractor is returned and the roof has been replaced, I wouldn't want any problems with Gibby or the fence with workmen around. Right now, Gibby seems quite content with the current arrangement, he's putting on weight, his ribs and spine are no longer obvious visually or to the touch.

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