Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Quiet, No-Problem Day

Got to the farm today and Gibby was sound asleep. He didn't wake up until after I'd opened and closed the gate and driven into the parking lot. When he did wake up, he started his quiet bark. He definitely has two different barks - a loud, tough bark and a quiet kind of hoarse chuff-chuff. I think the chuff-chuff is a very friendly welcoming bark.

I had a heck of a time undoing the gate - I had somehow tightened the chain so tight that I couldn't get enough slack to open the clips. I decided I'm not doing that again. I gave Gibby some lunch leftovers to eat while I took his dishpan into the house. I gave him dry food on top of canned food. I'm not measuring the dry food, just giving him about twice as much as Rusty and George together used to eat. So far, he's eaten every crumb I've given him.

I think the bundle of cedar shingles is going to secure the gate, so I didn't wrap the chain around and around like I did before - I just tied the gate with the lead rope. It held the gate securely while I did the rest of the chores, so I left it that way for the night. I hope that was a good decision.

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