Friday, August 15, 2008

Gibby and George

Gibby and George must be friends by now. We decided to drive into the city to have dinner at a spaghetti supper being put on by a friend's church. I didn't want to leave the dogs at home and it was too hot to leave them in the car in the city, so I decided to leave them in the farmhouse again. George was on to my plan the minute we got to the farm and I parked closer to the house than usual. When he got out of the car, he ran in the opposite direction, looking over his shoulder to see what I was going to do. I called him, but didn't go after him. I took the two girls into the house - neither one wanted to go in, but they did with just a little verbal urging. You'd never guess these dogs lived in this house for years - it was Blue's home for ten years, Patches for about eight years - and I always thought they were happy here!

When I went back outside, George came a little closer, unsure about what to do. I went to him and put a noose around his neck - using the same method they used at the dog pound. That made him so mad, it looked like he was willing to choke himself rather than move, but I surprised him by moving away from the house so he got up on his feet and walked, then I just turned him around. It took a lot of gagging and coughing, but I got him into the house.

We had a great time in the city, met a friend, and had dinner. Unfortunately for me, we had a few miles of walking up and down hills in the process and I was quite worn out by the time we got back to the farm. I parked near the house again and said hello to Gibby - but, it wasn't Gibby! Standing in Gibby's usual spot in the dog pen, was George! The house and the dog pen were both still tightly closed up. I have no idea how long George was in the pen with Gibby, it could have been as long as four hours - and neither one of them looked the worse for wear.

I went inside to get the little dogs and discovered that someone had chewed through the lock on the inside door and jammed the door so I had to pry it open. Then, inside, suddenly, George appeared. He really had his inside/ouside methods worked out. I check out the library door - it's a pocket door that will never be in a pocket again - it was so destroyed that it had become a swinging door, and the outside door on the other side of it was wide open. Gibby was sitting there smiling. I was so tired from the walking that I blocked the library doorway and figured I'd solve the door problems tomorrow. For tonight, Gibby has access to the basement if he wants it. I hope he chooses to stay in the dogpen - it wouldn't be too hard for him to dig his way out of that basement if he started digging in the right place.

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