Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gibby met a horse tonight

I was in the barn, turning off the water, when I heard some barking that sounded like strangers were approaching. I thought at first that maybe someone was turning around in the driveway since Gibby and Patches had gone bark-berserk a little earlier when that happened, so I didn't hurry to look outside. Then the barking sounded more insistent and I decided I better hustle and see who was there. A friend had told me he would come to the farm if he couldn't get a problem sorted out, so I thought maybe it was him, but I got to the barn door and saw an empty driveway - with the barking still insistent.

I didn't discover what was happening until after I had already scolded Patches for barking and put her and Blue back into the car where even George was barking - for the very first time, according to my mother (who is deaf, but today George was sitting right behind her.) Gibby was barking toward the barn - and then I finally saw why - Ballyteague, the white horse in the photos posted a couple days ago, was playing with Gibby! 'Teague was sticking his head over the gate that blocked the open barn door, then ducking back inside, waiting until the barking slowed down, then poking his nose out again. I guess Gibby isn't the only critter on the farm who has a sense of humor!

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