Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gibby Loves Eggs

Gibby had a treat today. Since we are having a snow storm, I wore my down jacket to the farm. When I gathered the eggs, there were only two, and I put them in a side jacket pocket with my keys. I bent over to clean out the chickens' water dish and heard a scrunch - when I reached into my pocket there was a severely cracked egg. I put it in the palm of my hand and walked over to Gibby - somehow, he knew whatever was in my hand was for him, and he raced over and very gently took the egg out of my hand. In a few minutes, he came over to me and looked for another egg, but I saved the second egg to take home.

It was much harder to walk around the yard with him, the snow was very wet and slippery and I'm afraid it will be icey tomorrow. I probably should have taken out the big tractor and driven it down the driveway a couple times to pack down the snow, but I had left Mother at home alone and she wasn't feeling well so I decided to deal with the snow tomorrow. It's supposed to snow all night and be pretty bad by morning.

Some friends came out from town and helped me put up some of my mother's Christmas candles.- they're little figures, like Santa and angels and snowmen and wisemen, etc. Mother has the largest collection of Christmas candles in the world - at least that is what we have thought for the last twenty-five years. She started collecting them before I was born - so, quite a long time ago. The boxes they are in are very heavy, so I made a decision to only put up a few this year, we probably put out a couple hundred. It's kind of nice to have only a part of the collection on the mantle, the bookshelves, window sills, etc. because it's easier to see individual candles. There are a lot of memories connected to those candles.

The candles put me in a Christmas mood, so I'm going to get my Santa antique replica rug out and get some hooking done.

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