Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gibby Howled

How strange that I mentioned the farmhouse doors in my last blog and I arrived at the farm today and immediately saw the new front door open. Gibby was howling an unusual howl, I thought maybe he was stuck inside the house again, but he was out in the pen by the time I got far enough in the driveway to see him. I fed the cats and then walked out to see what the problem was with the front door. The snow has been melting, but there was still enough snow to see footprints if there were any - there weren't. The door was open, but no note from a neighbor or anything else I could think of to cause the door to be open. It's funny, when I started to enclose the front porch, I had great plans for using it and now it's just piled with stuff and I have no time to see what's there. Oh, I just realized what's missing - I had some old library chairs from the school where I taught back in the sixties - chairs I loved, but they took up a lot of room in the small dining room in the house, so I had stored them out on the porch and I think they're gone. I'll have to go back and look tomorrow. I did pick up the keys and locked the door. Very few people knew about those chairs and I can't imagine why the people who knew would want them, so I guess I'd better do some better investigation tomorrow.

As near as I can tell, Gibby's odd howl didn't mean anything other than responding to hearing me open the gate. He was dancing in the pen when I got to him. He's such a cheerful dog. When I let him out, he ran from me to Patches and back again. Blue jumped at him, to keep him away from Patches, then Patches and Blue got into a barkfest. While they were doing their doggy things, I went over to feed the chickens. Next week, I'm going to have to find some time to go up to the dog pound to find another dog, Gibby really needs a roommate.

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