Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gibby is a Guard Dog

The gas man was coming today to turn the gas on in Gibby's house, so I moved Gibby and his cable to a far part of the yard. I fastened his cable to the steel supports of my old two horse trailer and the first thing Gibby did was move the trailer sideways - that is one powerful dog!
He had a mean sounding bark for the gas man and I was glad I had moved him out of range. He stopped barking when I told him it was okay, and that made him look like a really well trained dog. While I went with the gas man to check the furnace, Gibby had fun getting himself into a real tangle. What he did to that cable reminded me of the game we used to play on the playground when I was a kid that we called "Chinese Puzzle" - kids would grab hands in a circle and then tangle up together and let the person who was "It" try to untangle without breaking any hand grips (I supposed today we would have to be PC and call that game by another name). Anyway, Gibby had his cable wrapped around, over and under, around a clump of little trees next to the corn crib. It also looked like he had started to pull some wood out of the corncrib. Pieces of wood, leftovers from construction projects, have been stacked in there for years. I recognized some of the wood he pulled out as being from a room renovation in the red house back in the seventies. I only use the corn crib as a storage place for dead animals. I put the cats there in case the Dept. of Ag. would want to do autopsies, which they didn't.

I finally got Gibby untangled and put him back in the pen. He was really disappointed, but I promised I would see him later.

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