Friday, November 21, 2008

Gibby Should Be Warmer

I bought a new electric heater for Gibby's farmhouse. My first heater is running in the living room and I put this one in the kitchen. I'm hoping to keep the pipes from freezing while I wait for two weeks for the energy monopoly to turn on my gas. I can't understand how a company can stay in business and maintain such a monopoly when their service is so poor - two weeks before they can click a button on a computer. Of course, I wasn't expecting snow and freezing temperatures this early or I would have annoyed them sooner. Anyway, both heaters have enclosed heat sources so they won't burn the house down if Gibby knocks them over.

Two more dead cats today, and three who refused to eat. It looks like poison - and my mother asked if it was in the food - and I was stunned. I had already given them two feedings from a new bag, the same Krogers brand as the last bag. They had already eaten quite a bit tonight, there wasn't enough left to remove, but I had a bag from another source, so I gave them some of that. All of the young ones are gone except one very shy shorthair gray, the teeny-tiny black one has disappeared just like the brave little gray. I counted twice tonight, counted 17 the first time and 18 the second time - that's ten less than the highest count during the summer.

I also found a dead chicken. This was not a good day - no sign of trauma, no injury, and not the cold - right inside under the heat lamp.

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