Friday, September 26, 2008

Gibby Likes Me!

I was able to visit Gibby twice again today. The roofers are finished with the boarder's building so I went down to the farm to check the clean-up and write their final check. Gibby was barking, so I let him out as soon as I got there. I thought he might take off for the woods, but he stayed close by. I couldn't stay for long, so I told Gibby it was time to get a drink and he headed right for the dog pen. When I fastened the lower chain on the gate, Gibby gave me a gentle little lick.

When I went back again in the late afternoon, I let Gibby out of his pen, and instead of doing his wild run out to the yard, he bounced in front of me, jumping up to my nose, and making a funny little sound - he repeated this funny bouncing several times. I told him to go on, and he ran over to the car to say hello to my mother. He was pleased to greet everyone, even was gentle with Patches (yesterday, he told her to quit jumping on him by pinning her to the ground and growling at her.)

I went about my chores and was feeding the chickens when I heard an ominous crack. I looked around, and saw a large branch from a maple tree dangling down about 30 feet high, right over Gibby, who was standing next to Blue and Patches. I was suddenly so scared I couldn't even get a yell out, as the branch suddenly fell right on the spot where Gibby had been. Whew! I didn't see him move, but he was not there and the two cattle dogs were sitting inches beyond the branch. I went over to drag it out of the driveway, but the main part of the branch was too heavy for me to move. I rolled it over as much as I could, just enough to be able to drive around it. I found Gibby and gave him some great big hugs, followed by hugs for Blue and Patches. I am very glad they are all still with me.

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