Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gibby is the first

Gibby is the first dog I've played with who plays fair - if I toss a stick and he catches it, he brings it back for me to toss again. If I tell him to go find a stick he will keep looking until he finds one or I tell him to stop. All of the other dogs I've had would take a tossed stick and run with it - or tease me by playing keep away with it. Same thing with tossed balls - as a rule, my dogs have always grabbed the ball and kept it. I had one wonderful old dog (Ben, father of Patches) who could keep a tennis ball in his mouth with my hand around it while swinging him in the air. I haven't had a ball for Gibby, but that rubber kong is the same idea, and I think Gibby is trying to play catch with me with it. I toss it, he grabs it, and he throws it back toward me - of course, it bounces in wild directions and I hardly ever get it. I'll have to get a Gibby ball when I go to the pet store to get a new collar for him. We couldn't find the kong today, but Gibby kept going back to the grape vines by the house like he remembered leaving it there.

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