Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gibby has Come Out!

The real Gibby has surfaced. He's no longer being the polite guest, he knows he's home and he knows he is wanted and loved. He was out in the yard the last two days, having destroyed the mending on the previously destroyed pen gate. Each day, he was sitting by the picnic table - right where Rusty used to wait - and came running when he was sure it was our car in the driveway. When I opened the gate, he ran to me, swung his back side around by my leg, sat down, and leaned in to me to be hugged and petted. Here I was thinking I should train him to stay in the pen, wanting to be stern with him, and giving him great big hugs.

Gibby only stays still for moments at a time, so our hugs were not long - his next activity was to show off his great physical prowess. He can run VERY fast, leap and twist in the air, reverse direction, run back to me, slam on his brakes at my feet, then leap above my head into the air. Phew! Nothing to do but observe and admire.

The next act is Kong catch - I throw, he catches. I can't play this game too long because the Kong gets really slimy. It's wonderful to see Gibby so happy.

However, for his safety, I worked on the gate, trying to wire the steel sign back onto the gate. I really miss having wire coat hangers. I looked through the house - went upstairs for the first time since the roof was done and forgot to see how it looks in the loft where there's no ceiling - but couldn't find an old hanger anywhere. In a fit of getting organized a few years ago, I bought a big stack of matching blue plastic hangers. I had to use one of the cables that I had to clip Gibby to before he moved into the pen. It was the first weaving I've done in months - weaving the cable back and forth on the outside of the steel sign. The whole time I was doing it, I was wondering how long it was going to take Gibby to chew through the cable. I'll find out this afternoon.

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