Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gibby Was Probably a Cute Puppy

This puppy photo from Joan Dwyer looks like Gibby, but it isn't. I think this must be what Gibby looked like when he was just a puppy. I wish I knew who had him when he was so little - how could anyone have lost him - they must have had him from puppyhood like this until he was two years old - probably a very gawky two year old, but I just can't imagine him running away. Then those people with the other male dog found him and kept him for a year - I bet that other male dog was his pal, even though the people said they were fighting. Seems to me they would have been more likely to be fighting at the beginning of the year, not the end. He's such a loving dog, it's hard to imagine he's already lost two families.

Anyway, I'm really glad the doggy door has been installed. The farm is snowed in, I couldn't even get close to it today. I got out as far as the grocery store, where I ran into the appraiser who works in my township office. She told me there must be at least ten inches of snow in my driveway and I wouldn't have a chance of getting in. Since I'd had such a hard time getting to the grocery store, I turned around and went back to my mother's house. When I got there, even though I'd cleared the driveway three times today, snow had filled the driveway and I couldn't get up the hill. For the first time this winter, I had to park the car on the lower drive - out too close to the end. I'm afraid the snowplow will have it buried by morning.

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