Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gibby has Gained Weight

Gibby seems to have put on some weight, he certainly looks very different from the rib-showing pound dog who first came to the farm. This is the picture of him I see every day when he's asking me to throw sticks for him to catch.

This "Serious Dog" is the dog I see every time I walk away to go take care of cats or chickens. No matter how long I play with him, it's never long enough - for Gibby or for me.

This picture is pretty dark because the sun was going down, but it shows Gibby on his fifty foot run - he plays tag with that tree, then turns and runs as fast as he can back to me. I never know how these runs will end, will he run past me, slide on the ice at my feet, or do one of his spectacular leaps in the air. This one ended with a slide and a rapid turn around for another run.
This picture might give you some idea how fast Gibby is moving - he's going so fast, his back legs have disappeared.

While Gibby is racing around, George is calmly walking around, wagging his tail, and eating snow.

Some people grow roses in January, but these photos show what we grow here in Michigan.

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