Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gibby bit me today

Gibby was wild today - as he has been for several days. He has worked out a way to run without getting the cable tangled - he runs as fast as can be in a half circle, reminding me of the way you can draw a circle by putting a piece of chalk at the end of a string. He runs in one direction, then turns and runs the other way - and repeats this activity six or eight times, then runs to the bucket by the door for a drink.
When I had finished feeding the cats and the chickens and checked on the water for the horses, I was ready to feed Gibby. I told him to go to his pen and he gave me a look that clearly said, "You're crazy, lady. You haven't played with me yet." So, I tossed sticks and we played for a while. I stopped playing when Gibby turned the game into tug of war and his teeth came down on my hand - actually, his mouth is so big that somehow my fingers fitted between his teeth and I wasn't pinched at all - but I told him he bit me and Gibby calmed down right away.

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